Technology at the Cyberschool

When Central City Cyberschool opened, the mission was to serve children whose families otherwise would not have access to technology.  Today, the school still holds true to this mission.  The technology is a means to an end.  The primary goal of C3 is to turn out students who have mastered academics in a computerized environment, giving them the same advantages as students whose families own computers.

The mission of the technology department is to provide technological training, guidance, information, and services to school personnel that supports state and local learning standards and contribute to the academic performance and development of all students.

Technology in the Classroom

  • SMART panels in every classroom
  • 1:1 Chromebook for all ages
  • Chromebook for teacher
  • Teacher iPad
  • Internet
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Technolgy integrate into daily instruction
  • Google Classroom
  • Class DOJO
  • Various Apps, Extensions, and Learning websites