About Our School

Our goal at Central City Cyberschool (C3) of Milwaukee is to motivate in each child from Milwaukee’s central city the love of learning, the academic, social and leadership skills necessary to engage in critical thinking, and the ability to demonstrate mastery of the academic skills necessary for a successful future.

The Central City Cyberschool is not a school of the future, but rather a school for the future. The Cyberschool offers a customized curriculum where creativity, teamwork, and goal setting are encouraged for the entire school community. The problem solving, real world, interdisciplinary curriculum is presented in a way that is relevant to each student’s experiences. The Cyberschool uses technology as a tool for learning in new and powerful ways that allow students greater flexibility and independence, preparing students to be full participants in the 21st century.

Every student has access to a laptop computer for daily use. This technology-based approach takes full advantage of resources available electronically and incorporates technology for most academic studies.