Community Learning Center

Cyberschool’s Community Learning Center provides students in grades K5-High School with academic and technology enrichment, tutoring, and homework help. We also offer various personal development programs such as art, recreation, and sports. Registration is required and space is limited.

Enrichment activities in Mathematics and Reading provide instructional support through project-based learning. Projects are designed to improve reading comprehension, fluency, as well as math computation skills.

Many of the CLC staff are the staff of the day school. Therefore, they are well versed in the core curriculum content and instructional strategies, that provide effective tutoring and homework support, small group intervention as well as supplemental instruction.

CLC is funded by the National School Lunch Program. CLC students receive a free after-school snack daily.

ESEA Title I funds expand both the number of weeks CLC is offered and the number of students served.

The C.L.C. provides a safe space for students to participate in sports and recreational activities, at no charge, enriching students’ social, physical, and leadership development.