Student Handbook

This handbook was developed to make you aware of the rules and responsibilities of the Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee. The Cyberschool is a technology-rich school with tremendous potential, and we expect behaviors that promote learning.

With cooperation between students, parents, teachers, and administrators, we will achieve our high academic and behavioral standards. The Cyberschool recognizes that parents are the first and foremost teachers of the children we serve and parents continue to play a very key role in the effective education of our students.

Parents are always welcome to visit the Cyberschool. If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher, please schedule an appointment. Teachers are not able to interrupt instruction or the learning of their children to meet with parents who choose to stop in without an appointment. We highly value your child’s learning time, it is sacred to us, and we will not allow it to be interrupted. Classroom visitations should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the visit for consideration of teacher lesson planning and/or testing.