Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for your willingness to share your time, enthusiasm, and skills with our students.  Last year a few parents/grandparents volunteered and we are so grateful.  Your efforts and the efforts of our many other volunteers help to make our school the exceptional place that it is. 

Even as a volunteer, your commitment needs to be professional.  While you are at the school you are a role model for students.  Please see the list below of things you should and should not do while volunteering.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for volunteering in our fine school.  You make the difference!

Ways a volunteer can help:

  • Classroom Help
  • Listen to students read
  • Read to students
  • Help students with reading/math activities
  • Help with spirit activities
  • Lunch supervision
  • Help with special classroom events
  • Go on field trips
  • And many more…….


  • Administer discipline.  Behavior problems should be addressed by teachers and administrators only.
  • Initiate physical contact with students.  Never put your hands on a student, especially when you are angry.
  • Contact students outside of the school setting.
  • Correct staff members.  See the directors with any concerns relating to staff members.
  • Volunteer Expectations at Central City Cyberschool


  • If you are unable to volunteer at your assigned time, please call within 24 hours to the staff member you are scheduled to work with, or the Central City Cyberschool at 414-444-2330.


  • Volunteers should not use student bathrooms.  Please use the “adults only” bathrooms in the staff room or use the bathroom in the office area.


  • Please put your cell phone on vibrate mode when working on campus.  Cell phone ringtones and conversations are disruptive to the learning environment.  Do not use your cell phone while driving in our parking lot.  Do not use your cell phone while driving students on a field trip except when there is a field trip related emergency or if you need to contact the teacher.  Exchange cell phone numbers with the teacher on the day of the field trip just in case there is an emergency. 


  • All volunteers, no matter what job they perform, have an obligation to keep in confidence all information that pertains to the students and staff they assist.  Information regarding students, staff, and other volunteers are not to be discussed with anyone who is not entitled to such information.


  • We believe that all people, adults, and children, deserve love and respect.  We create a positive atmosphere in our programs by encouraging and supporting our students and one another.  We do not accept verbal abuse of any kind.


  • Serious concerns about student behavior during volunteer time should be referred to the teacher or another staff member immediately.  Do not reprimand or try to discipline students.  There is always a staff member nearby. 


  • Anyone entering the building must sign in and out and also wear a volunteer badge at all times.  Please document all volunteer hours by recording your hours in the book in the office at the front desk.  It is very important to us to know who is on campus at all times.  Volunteer badges help alert us to any strangers who might be on campus.  All visitors on campus should have a designated purpose for their visit, and a designated role or responsibility.  

Visiting with Other Volunteers 

  • Please refrain from visiting with other volunteers when in your child’s classroom.  Parents gathering to chat outside a classroom can also be disruptive.

Younger Siblings 

  • Check with your child’s teacher before bringing a younger sibling to class. We are committed to a quiet learning environment. Sibling participation in class during your volunteer hours will be left to individual teachers’ discretion.  However, your younger sibling must always be within your sight and must be your immediate concern.  Note: Siblings may not accompany parents on field trips.

Behavioral Techniques 

  • Recall that all discipline is to be conducted by teachers and administration, not volunteers or visitors.  If you feel that a student may need discipline, make a referral to the teacher in charge.  Here are some ideas to assist you in encouraging the best behavior from our students. 

School Procedures You Need to Know 

  • Fire Drill:  Exit the nearest outside door.
  • Emergency Drill:  An announcement will come over the intercom: 
  • Dress Code:  Dress as a positive role model for children.  Our student dress code should guide you.