"C3 Rocks!   I have been with Central City Cyberschool for as long as I can remember, I first experienced the awesome staff before I even had children of my own, my younger brother was a student at C3.  The teachers have always been very friendly. They are welcoming,  approachable and very involved with the students.  My children have excelled under the leadership at C3 and we will all  be sad when it's time to leave after 8th grade."

LaKesha Richmond
Support Team
Furniture Customer Care

"I have taught at the Cyberschool since the school opened in 2000.  I have had the opportunity to see the tremendous growth of the Cyberschool since day 1!  I keep coming back year after year because of the Cyberschool's total commitment to the growth of every single student in every aspect of their person from academic to social to emotional.  The staff is committed to preparing students who are completely prepared for the world outside of our school walls.   Families that attend Cyberschool are committed and involved in helping us achieve our goals.  The school has developed a unique sense of community that can be seen in the staff, the students, and families as well.  Walking into the school each day, I'm proud of how the school has grown and what the future holds."

Ms. Ansay
3/4 Teacher
Central City Cyberschool

"Central City Cyberschool will always hold a special place in my heart. I have attended since kindergarten, and I cannot think of any other place I would have rather gone. Cyber is one of the few elementary schools in Milwaukee that encourages creativity both inside and outside the classroom, provides kids with structured support systems, and gives kids a strong academic foundation all while maintaining the fun of an elementary school.

Because of Central City Cyberschool, my transition to high school was very fluid. I came in with a strong education background, and that allowed me to take and manage courses above my grade level, which isn't something a lot of people come in prepared to do. It's very evident how much work Cyber put into making sure their kids had access to the best education possible.

To this day, I still find time to visit Cyber. From the jungle mural by the library, to the painted hand prints in the lunchroom, I am reminded not only of the mark(s) I made, but most importantly, the impact Cyber had on me. Thank you, Cyber.  


Ryan Graham
Education Coordinator
Teens Grow Greens

"We are Proud parents of three kids that attended & still attend Center City Cyberschool. Our 26 year old Daughter graduated eighth grade from Cyber. Our other 2 kids started in kindergarten.  If you are looking for a school that does not leave ANY Child behind. Central City Cyberschool is the right choice! They prepare our kids for state testing and to achieve their goals.

Thank you,"

John and Chiquita McGee

"My family and I have had a relationship with Central City Cyberschool since 2007 and it has been and continues to be a great experience. I love walking in the door and being recognized by all the staff, makes you feel like family. My kids have a better learning experience due to the small classroom environment and open parent/teacher relationships."

Erica Tate
Underwriter Trainee
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

"The exposure to advanced technologies I received at Cyberschool truly set me up for success in high school and college. The familiarity I gained from early exposure to computers and the internet made expanding my technological skills that much easier in high school, college, and even today. While I learned a lot at Cyberschool, my most favorite memory will always be the teachers and staff. They’re awesome!"

Micah Brown
Social Media Marketer | Blogger