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What You Need to Know!

The Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee has been a Kindergarten through eighth grade Elementary/Middle public charter school since 1999. Beginning in August 2019, the Cyberschool will expand to include a high school, CYBER HIGH, by enrolling the first freshmen class of 50 students. 

Cyber High Science Class

CYBER HIGH has an innovative high school and early college model that enables students to earn BOTH a high school diploma and a college associate degree during grades 9-14, at no cost to parents.

  • College coursework is thoughtfully integrated throughout your high school experience and aligned to your career goals.
  • Mentoring, workplace visits, job shadowing, and internships are included in your preparation for the career of your choice, or enrollment in a four-year college degree program.

Why Enroll in CYBER HIGH?

You use social media, the Internet, smart devices, and other technologies every day. Would you like to make it your career?

  • Whether you are interested in coding, website or app design, game development, or computer programming – from medicine to music, from fashion to business, CYBER HIGH will show you how to bring your ideas to life.
  • Collaborate with your classmates to design and build projects you are interested in – share your passions and creativity.
  • Learn the computer science principles underlying the technology and gain the skills you need to build a career in the high tech world in which we live. 

Cyber High Computer Science

In Math class, use computer science to learn how video games rely on mathematics concepts like the coordinate plane, algebraic functions, and logic.

In Science class, use computer modeling and simulation as tools in Earth, Life and Physical scientific practices. For example, explore the health impacts of pollution and discuss future challenges for improving human health.

Technology Rich; Character Strong!

FOCUS ON CAREERS – CYBER HIGH students will take part in high school and college courses aligned to their career goals. Mentoring, workplace visits, job shadowing, and internships are integrated into each student's preparation for their identified career. Engaged employer partners commit to ensuring that CYBER HIGH graduates are experienced enough in their chosen field to be considered "first in line" for jobs.

Graduate Student

FOCUS ON COLLEGE DEGREES – CYBER HIGH aims to provide every student with a pathway to an industry-recognized associate degree. College coursework is thoughtfully integrated throughout grades 9-14 programming, and it is free to students and families.

Who Can Attend?

CYBER HIGH is a Free, Public Charter High School, built on a proven track record for high achievement, and open to City of Milwaukee residents. Applicants must have successfully completed the eighth grade and have submitted a completed CYBER HIGH Enrollment Application package.

Applications are available for download at:
Enrollment Forms

Or call our office at 414-444-7234, and we will mail or email an application packet to you.

CYBER HIGH was designed to break the cycle of poverty and address skills gaps in the labor force by linking education and workforce development. We offer our students a seamless pathway from high school to college completion and career readiness. 

Featuring - Ryan Graham, Cyberschool Graduate

"Because of Central City Cyberschool, my transition to high school was very fluid. I came in with a strong education background, and that allowed me to take and manage courses above my grade level, which isn't something a lot of people come in prepared to do. It's very evident how much work Cyber puts into making sure their kids have access to the best education possible."

Ryan Graham, Cyberschool Graduate

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Central City Cyberschool


The Cyberschool does not discriminate in admission or deny participation in any program or activity on the basis of a person's sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability.

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