P-Tech Model

CYBER HIGH is based on the P-TECH model. In a P-TECH school, students earn a high school diploma, an industry-recognized associate degree, and gain relevant work experience in a growing field. CYBER HIGH will create a seamless program for students to acquire the academic, technical, and workplace skills that employers need. Partnerships with local industry will be developed, offering opportunities for guest instructors and internships, preparing our graduates to be part of a more diverse workforce for high demand jobs within the tech industry. The curriculum will be designed collaboratively by educators and industry experts, integrating technology in all of the traditional subject areas needed to graduate from high school, with an emphasis on student curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  Click on links below to learn more about the P-Tech model!

P-TECH: How high schoolers are redefining their future (Video)

P-TECH @ Year-4: The First Grads (Video)