The Bully Project
Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee

This site was created for parents, kids and teachers to understand the effects of bullying in our school. The information on the web sites will help parents and teachers  look for warning signs and resolutions so students can learn in a safe environment without fear.  Kids will also find strategies to positively empower themselves and deal with conflicts in a productive manner.

Families (Parents Corner)
Schools Safety
Kids Zone
Identify Bullying
Stop Bullying Now
4 Girls Health
Surfing with your family
School bullying
Take A Stand (Webisodes)
Cybersmart Parents
Conflict Resolution
Net Safe

Strategies That Work
kids Connect  (Brain Pop)

Teaching Cybersmart Kids
Internet Safety (FBI for kids)

No Bullying Allowed Poster Gallery by C3 Students   

                   Poster made by Mrs. Mitchell


   Poster made by  Ramaan


          Poster made by  Durdana, Naykeya,Tiffany


       Poster made by Krystal


       Poster made by Carina


   Poster made by Devonte, Martez , Ja'von and Denzil


       Poster made by Yoni, Dashavon and Mikal

This site is sponsored by Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee and The  PEAS Coalition
 Enhanced Anti-Bullying Solutions

A Group 1 General Violence Prevention Project

Updated 3/22/05